Graduation/Prom Pictures

Here´s me and my sister outside our house.

It´s after the graduation and when I got home. All the flowers around my neck are the ones I wrote about in the graduation letter :)
I had to go around like that until I got home and after these pictures my mother wanted to take. As I said on the ICQ last time we talked I seem to pose for all these cards in a weird way. Cos if you look at my face I look totally twisted. :)

This is me, yet again. :)

On the table are the two cakes, they were made by a friend to my mother. It´s suppose to be two graduation hats, if you compare to the one I have on the pic above. She did a great job I think. And the taste wasn´t bad either :)

This is my dear parents and me :)

The pic is on the other side of our house, in the garden.
It would be weird to see your parents, I mean I have pictured them in my mind and then to see them. It would feel weird.

This is the balcony at the school.

I am up there somewhere, point me out and win a million dollars ;)
To stand up there was one of the greatest feelings I have ever had.
I think you can compare it to a band standing on a stage, even though not everyone that stand below this balcony were there just to see me. But I think you get the point. :)

Here´s the Kustmark family ;)

It´s below the balcony. And on the sign...yeah that´s me. :)
Now that I think about it I don´t think I can compare Kindergarden to where this picture was taken. Kindergarden is for really young children right?
This picture was taken...hmm hard to explain. The year before you start school you can go to a pre-school thing. That´s where this pic is taken.
Anyway, do you think I look similar to that pic?
But I guess it´s hard to tell due to that the sign is really blurry, eh?
The old lady to the left looking down is my grandmother. :)

This is a picture of the tractor wagons I talked about.

Though the wagons on this picture doesn´t show my class´.
This is just before we all went out and drove around Köping :)

Here´s a picture from the prom.

It´s in the park we gathered in before going to the castle.
On the left is Josefine and on the right of me is the punk girl, Sofia.
And about me...don´t I just look so damn childish? :)
And this is suppose to be the best of all the prom photos of me...

Here´s where I have lived since I was half a year old.

The windows to the right of the porch is the kitchen windows. The window to the right is the bathroom.
If the picture would have been taken a little more to the left then you would have seen my window. :)

This picture is taken from the other side.

You might wonder why the hell all the furniture is standing on the grass. It´s cos that my father was cleaning the floor on the proch when I took this photo. :)

This is a picture of the garden.

I stand on the porch taking this picture. It´s pretty green but the flowers aren´t in bloom yet. So it looks a bit boring, eh?
The little tree to the left is an apple tree. We have a bigger one but this tree gives the most apples. It´s strange. :)

And the last one...this is my room. :)

I thought I tell you a little about the things you see. Like the painting next to the Oasis poster. I got that from my uncle for five years ago or something.
What else...yeah if you look in the mirror you see a thing that looks like a cobra. And it is. That and the painting above it are from the trip to India.
And finally, if you look at my desk you see some cd´s. I have around 30 laying there. I have to get a new cd holder. The ones I have are all full... :)
Oh, and the computer of course. That´s where I met you. If we can say it like that :)