Oasis / Beatles

I think itīs just annoying that everything Oasis does is supposed to be
linked to the Beatles. But o.k, they have
intentionally included references to
many Beatles songs in their own songs.

Here I will list the obvious references that they have made but also
some VERY far away references that I have seen fans do on there websites.
If you have any please E- mail me.

These are the obvious ones;

Be Here Now
"Sing a song for me, one from Let it be, open up your eyes, get a grip off yourself inside."

- A beatles album
A buddhist reference made by Lennon saying that the point of life was to be here now.

DīYou Know What I Mean?
"The fool on the hill..."
- A Beatles song

..."I feel fine."
- A Beatles song

Fade In- Out
"Get on the helter skelter..."
- A Beatles song

Take Me Away
"I'd like to be under the sea"

- Direct quote from the Beatles song "Octopus's Garden"

Morning Glory
"Tomorrow never knows what it doesn't know too soon."
- Quote from John Lennon

"You can sail with me in my yellow submarine."
- A beatles song

My Big Mouth
"....down the long and winding road..."
- A beatles song

Donīt Look Back In Anger
"So I'll start a revolution from my bed, cause you said the brains I had went to my head."

- Quote from John Lennon

These are the crazy ones, read and laugh;

I hope, I think, I know
"And in the end, the past means nothing..."

- A Beatles song

Digsyīs Dinner
"Then your friends will all go green".

- In the Beatles song You Can't Do That; "Everybody's green"

Itīs Getting Better (Man!!)
"Just say the word and you'll be free"
- A Beatles song

Magic Pie
A reference to Paul McCartney's latest solo album, Flaming Pie.

Talk Tonight
"I know I'm leaving, but I'll be back another day."

- A Beatles song

Roll With It
"I think I've got a feeling I've lost inside..."
- A Beatles song

"It's all too much for me to take."
- A Beatles song

Talk Tonight
"Sleeping on a plane, you know you can't complain."
A little Nirvana reference, maybe?  :)

Oasis has also being accused to plagerism. They have never denied them. But I donīt
think itīs a problem. Oasis has created their own style and sound. Though if they
have ripped off songs they just take great songs and makes them even better, with
their own style, sound and way. Oasis is not a band that just steals!
With that cleared out I list all the songs Oasis has being accused of "stealing".

The Smiths: Girl Afraid
- The guitar solo is the same

Cigarettes & Alcohol
T- Rex: Get It On
- The riff is the same

The Stone Roses: Standing Here

Donīt Look Back In Anger
John Lennon: Imagine
- The intro has the piano tune

Fade Away
Wham: Freedom
- Part of the melody is the same

Go Let It Out
The Beatles: Strawberry Fields Forever
- The mellotron part (Though I donīt agree at all)

Half The World Away
Burt Bacharach: This Guyīs In Love With You
- Almost every chord is the same (though not in the same order)

The Small Faces: Stay With Me
The Kinks
- Noel thinks it sounds like a song by them

Gary Glitter: Hello, Hello Iīm Back Again
- Excerpt from the song

Hey Now!
The Stone Roses: I Wanna Be Adored

Magic Pie
The Beatles: Cry Baby Cry

Put Yer Money Where Yer Mouth Is
The Doors: Roadhouse Blues
- The entire song... (Well sort of  ;)

Round Are Way
Solomon Burke: Everybody Need Somebody To Love

The Beatles: Flying
- Noel has said that he was dissapointed that they got sued by Coke, not the Beatles
The New Seekers: Iīd Like To Teach The World To Sing
- The whole melody is taken from here

Sheīs Electric
You And Me: The theme tune from a kids Tv- show
The Beatles: With A Little Help From My Friends

Slide Away
Neil Young: Cortez The Killer

Some Might Say
The Small Faces: Ooh La La

Stand By Me
David Bowie: All The Young Dudes
- The chorus taken from this song

Step Out
Bob Seger: Rosalie
Stevie Wonder: Uptight

The Smiths: How soon is soon?
- Not sure about this one...claimed that the guitar chords is quite the same

The Swamp Song
Canned Heat: On The Road Again
- Noel has said this

Underneath The Sky
Blondie: Call Me
The Kinks: ...Street

The Beatles: Day In The Life
Monty Python: The Idiot Song
David Bowie: All The Young Dudes

Who Feels Love?
The Beatles: Dear Prudence
- Some guitar lines