Part in the band;
Rythm guitar and piano

Left the band 10/8 - 99
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Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs

Birth date:   June 23 1965

Birth city:    Manchester

Family:        Mother Delia, father Ben
                brother Martin and sister Maria,
                Celine and Francis
                wife Kate (married May 95)
                son Jude and daughter Lucy Oasis

Other info:    Favourite fotball team: Man. United

Bonehead was one of the original members of Oasis
(before Liam came, the Rain).
He was not often in the spotlight, but was still very popluar by the fans. His guitar is not so noticeable on the records, but if you would remove his guitar you would hear that something is missing.
He will always be remembered by the fans.
Live Forever, Paul!
Listen to Boneheadīs Bank Holiday...