First of all...this site is fully dedicated to Helena
You are my Wonderwall. My everything.

Heidi, without you this page wouldnīt be here!
Thanks for all the help with the logos and everything else.
Plus for being a really great friend! will forever be my snow star   :)

Jeannette...A doze of you makes the day so much more interesting!
Tara, just one word...spaz!!!   ;o)

All my other friends...Lasse, Gustav, Micke S, Maria, Micke H, Danne, Jenny
Thanx for being the wonderful friends you all are

To all my working friends at Transcom, thanx for making work fun!

My family for standing out with me playing Oasis every day...

Finally thanks to Oasis for giving me so much joy!
...not that they will ever read this, but what the hell...

If I have forgotten anyone...just one question;
Where were you while we were getting high?!

Things about the site;

Every Oasis picture on this site belongs to Oasis and their respective companies.
Creation, Sony, Microdot and Igintion.
The rest; layout, written material etc. belongs to me,
Webmaster of Fading Supernova.
All rights reserved.

The line;
"Maybe we can't live forever, but we can sure as hell try"
is said by the webmaster of the site Talk Tonight, Carol

Thanx to;
Colomba, for giving me these amazing mp3īs all the time!
The webmaster of Mad Ferret for the help with the new ISP
, webmaster of Going Nowhere, for letting me use the videos
Yunn, webmaster of The Masterplan, for the help with the picture page

And especially to all you people who takes a minute to sign my guestbook...
Thank You!