Donīt Look Back In Anger

Donīt Look Back In Anger (5)

A real Oasis classic sung by Noel.
The guitars and the drums are great
Itīs a real beauty...

Step Out (5)

A real rocker sung by Noel.
Really fun to listen to, itīs very loud, and
you will get on a very happy mood!
Was supposed to be on the MG album.

Underneath The Sky (5)

This song is even more underestimated than Rockinī Chair
The lyrics are very Beatles influenced and so are the melody.
The second verse is one of the best Iīve heard!

Cum On Feel The Noize (5)

This is a really rocky cover of an old Slade song.
Itīs quite noicy as the song title claims you should feel!

A top single with a great mix of ballads and rockers!
Surely a must have.