All Around The World

All Around The World (5)

A great song, itīs over 9 minutes long!
It has an orchestra which makes it very powerful.
Noel thinks that if they have had it in the Eurovison
Song Contest they would have won.

The Fame (5)

A good song in my opinion, but not many fans like this one.
The lyrics are great, about being famous and stuff,
and Noel sings well as usual.

Flashbax (5)

Yet another great Noel song!
Everything about this song is good.
Itīs pretty calm but really uplifting.

Street Fighting Man (4)

The least good cover by Oasis...
Itīs a Rolling Stones song, quite ordinary.
I think itīs the weird sound that makes it no appeal to me.

A  very good single but many thinks that this is one of the badest singles
made by Oasis...I can not understand that!