Be Here Now

DīYou Know What I Mean? (5)

A very rocky and cool song, the video to it is great.
The lyrics has such an attitude and the chorus is very catchy.
As usual a strong opening to the album.

My Big Mouth (5)

This is definitely one of my favourites!
A loud, noisy song with good lyrics, the opening is great.
You can say this is a biographical song, if you listen to the lyrics.  :-)

Magic Pie (4.5)

This one is sung by Noel and is a calm and quiet rock song.
Noel have said that the lines, "an extraordinary guy could never
have an ordinary day", are about Liam.

Stand By Me (5)

A great ballad with a great voice by Liam
Itīs a Wonderwall like song, with violins and stuff.

I Hope, I Think, I Know (5)

The only pop song on this record, it has slowly grown into me.
Very good chorus and lyrics.
Noel said that the demo sounded good but on the album it
sounded to poppy. Na, canīt agree on that one...

The Girl In The Dirty Shirt (5)

This song is a regular Oasis song.
The lyrics are good and so is the chorus.
Itīs about Noels wife Meg.
You can call it Wonderwall part 2.
Now the girl has listened to wonderwall and...
"she knows exactly what sheīs worth to me"

Fade In- Out (5)

The most different song Oasis ever done!
Oasis fans can be devided into two sides, those who love it
and those who donīt think itīs that good....
Well, I love it!

Donīt Go Away (5)

One of the best ballads, equal with Wonderwall.
Great lyrics by Noel and vocals by Liam.
It was written by Noel when he thought his mum had cancer...

Be Here Now (5)

A rock song that they opened their concerts with on their BHN tour.
A regular Oasis song but itīs something special about it.
Itīs very, very catchy.

All Around The World (5)

A great song, itīs over 9 minutes long!
It has an orchestra which makes it very powerful.
Noel thinks that if they have had it in the Eurovison
Song Contest they would have won.

Itīs Gettinī Better (Man!!) (5)

A real rocker!
This is how a rock song should sound.
Liam sings great as usual

All Around The World (Reprise) (4)

A calm ending of the record
Just instrumental
Ends with footsteps and a door closes

This was the first record I bought by Oasis. And itīs just so great.
72 minutes of pure rock and so much noice!
About all this talk about itīs a bad album;
Yes, I can agree that it is a bit overproduced. But just on some of the songs.
Though the classics are there...just reduce the guitars and
youīll find them all. Oasis proved it on their last tour!