Cigarettes & Alcohol

Cigarettes & Alcohol (5)

A cool song, with great lyrics!
A really rocky song and this one is also even better live.
When they first gave it to the radio stations they
had to lie and say it was something about fruit and stuff
It was the words, "You might as well do the white line." that
made them lie.  It became;
"You might as well do the white lime."  :o)
Strangely enough it became a really big hit due to the controversial lyrics.

I Am The Walrus (live) (5)

A great cover of the Beatles song, I have heard Beatles version and
I must say that Oasisī are much better! Itīs more rock and have a
much higher tempo.
They played this song at the end of their concerts on the DM and MG tour
and before that too. At the last shows on the BHN tour they played it also.

Listen Up (5)

This is one of Oasis best tunes! It has a really catchy chorus and the verses
are also great, Liam sings good and all instuments are great as well.
A pure classic!

Fade Away (5)

A great song with great lyrics. It has
a demo sound to it, which is not so good but otherwise itīs
also an Oasis classic! Noel sung this one acoustic
on a charity album, that one is almost better.

This single is surely one of the best Oasis have released,
maybe one of the best singles in the world that have been made.
Itīs rock at its best!!!