Definitely Maybe

RockīnīRoll Star (5)

Itīs a good start of the record and a very rocky
and heavy song. Noel has said that the lyrics on this song
are all he have ever wanted to say. The song is truely Oasis.
The ending has Liam repeating the words; "itīs just rockīnīroll".
He canīt be more right...

Shakermaker (4.5)

A very different Oasis song, hard to describe.
The lyrics are very strange but great.
"I'd like to build myself a house out of plasticine."!

Live Forever (5)

One of the best songs I have ever heard!
About 1.45 into the song Noel has a really good guitar solo.
Itīs one of the top 10 songs in the world.

Up In The Sky (4.5)

This is a good and regular Oasis song, it has really
funny lyrics I think, and the guitars are blasting.
When they play "Round are way" live they put in the first words
on every verse from Up in the sky, "Hey you!.....", in the end of the song.

Columbia (4.5)

A song that took a long while before I liked, Iīve heard that from
other fans too, but now I think itīs great.
I think the song is about drugs, donīt you?!
Liam claims that he wrote the chorus.

Supersonic (5)

A REALLY good song!
Noel ones said that this song is his "I am the walrus".
The intro is awsome but live is it even better,
when Alan plays it your neckhair will raise!

Bring It On Down (4.5)

This song has really weird lyrics;
"Your head is like a ghost train".
A bit punkier than the rest of the songs on the album.

Cigarettes & Alcohol (5)

A cool song, with great lyrics!
A really rocky song and this one is also even better live.
When they first gave it to the radio stations they
had to lie and say it was something about fruit and stuff!
It was the words, "You might as well do the white line." that
made them lie.  It became;
"You might as well do the white lime"  :o)
Strangely enough it became a really big hit due to the controversial lyrics.

Digsyīs Dinner (4)

A nice little pop tune that Beatles might as well could have recorded.
It has quite mediocre lyrics but itīs fun listen to it.
Itīs short,  just about 2.30.

Slide Away (5)

A classic with beautiful lyrics and itīs just a brilliant ballad!
Liam sings awsome and puts a real depth in this song.
Itīs a mystery that it wasnīt a single....

Married With Children (5)

The only acoustic song on the album, itīs catchy and fun.
They played this on the DM tour, but electric.

I bought this album after BHN and WTSMG? and I had my
expectations high and I didnīt get disapointed!
Every song is something special!
From the Oasis anthem Rockīnīroll star
to the acoustic ending Married with children.
Just one more word....Amazing!