D´You Know What I Mean?

D´you Know What I Mean? (5)

A very rocky and cool song, the video to it is great.
The lyrics has such an attitude and the chorus is very catchy!

Stay Young (5)

A great song that is catchy and have some good vocals by Liam,
a mystery that it didn´t make the album...
Noel supposely doesn´t like it to much.

Angel Child (Demo) (5)

This song takes a few listenings before you start liking.
It is a bit catchy and Noel sings well.
A so beautiful song.

Heroes (5)

This is a great cover of the David Bowie song from ´77.
Noel sings very, very well on this one and he makes it sound like the ´90´s.
It kills the Wallflowers version easily!!!

What can I say...so great, the best single after C&A and Stand by me...