The Early Years

Colour My Life (5)

The best song on the album
It has everything, good lyrics and a catchy corus
This one proves that Oasis became great instantly
when they formed the band

Take Me (4)

This one is probably the most famous unreleased song
because itīs written by Liam and Bonehead!
A good song but the lyrics are pretty basic

See The Sun (5)

A great song with very cool lyrics

Must Be The Music (3)

A basic rockīnīroll tune with very basic lyrics
that Liam repeats over and over

Better Let You Know (3.5)

A cover of an early 90īs house track.
Noel says that Oasis played this one on their first gig ever.
A song with even shorter lyrics than in Must be the music
But it has a really catchy melody

Snakebite (4.5)

An fantastic instrumental rocker!
Better than the Swamp song, this one should they open
their concerts with

Columbia (Excerpt) (3)

I donīt no why this is on the album, very unnecessary!
Only 30 seconds

Take Me (Live) (4)

As good as the original version

Must Be The Music (Live) (3.5)

This one is a better version of the song with better
instruments and live it is usual so

Life In Vain (Live) (3.5)

Not so good, because Liams voice are echoed,
but the lyrics are great!
About leaving a relationship...

I Will Show You (Live) (4)

A simple rockīnīroll song with good lyrics
and a catchy melody

Better Let You Know (Live) (4)

Better than the original
It has a heavier sound

Untitled Jam #1 (3)

A jamming by the band before a concert

Untitled Jam #2 (3.5)

Another jamming by the band before the same concert
but this one has a good melody

Fade Away (4)

A instrumental version of a great song!
Made before a concert

Cast No Shadow (5)

Noel sings this one
A so good song!

Donīt Look Back In Anger (5)

Noel sings this one, of course!
Almost a better version than the original
with electric guitars

Wonderwall (5)

Noel sings this one too!
A brilliant version where Noel changes some words

A great album if youīre a real fan īcause if you are then
you must have Colour my life, Take me and See the sun!
But they are good if youīre not a fan also...