Live Forever

Live Forever (radio edit) (5)

This version is a bit shorter than the original.

Live Forever (5)

One of the best songs I have ever heard!
About 1.45 into the song Noel has a really good guitar solo.
Itīs one of the top 10 songs in the world.

Up In The Sky (acoustic) (4)

An acoustic version of the song, itīs sung by Noel.
The album version is better, but itīs good.

Cloudburst (5)

This song has a great start and ending
Itīs a real rocker, with roaring guitars and itīs a catchy tune
Though I donīt think it would have been good on DM...
Itīs a truely B- side. Not saying itīs bad!

Supersonic (Live) (5)

This song you already know what I think about....
So great!!!
Itīs recorded in April ī94.

It was just a matter of time before they released Live Forever.
It didnīt get to number 1 which is a achievement by the mankind!
Not falling in love in one of the greatest songs ever made.....
A great single overall, but it was just one new song on this one.