(Whatīs The Story) Morning Glory?

Hello (4.5)

A rocky and catchy song
Great opening to what will come....

Roll With It (5)

An magnificent chorus and a really fast rock song.
It makes you on a good mood
This is a song that is so great live!
It has a great attitude

Wonderwall (5)

This is the song that made Oasis what they are today,
at least over in the US. We here in Europe understood
directly how good they were. :-)
It starts with an acoustic guitar and then a cello and the drums
kicks in. The lyrics are amazing and the song is simply
a masterpiece....

Donīt Look Back In Anger (5)

A real Oasis classic sung by Noel
The guitars and the drums are great!
Itīs a real beauty...

Hey Now! (4.5)

It took a while before I started liking this song because it hardly
has any chorus at all. The lyrics are pretty good.
This song has actually some of the best vocals by Liam though
Due to that it gets half a point higher

Some Might Say (5)

A great song!
All instruments and Liam fit together really well.
And you canīt complain about the lyrics either...
Their first number one.
The last song that Tony McCaroll made with Oasis.

Cast No Shadow (5)

A calm and in some way dreamy song.
Liam sings it very well.
Yet another classic!

Sheīs Electric (5)

A song that sounds a lot like the Beatles
Really funny and werid lyrics, great vocals by Liam.
According to Noel are the lyrics are based on a tv series for kids
and some other stuff

Morning Glory (5)

A very rocky song!
Intro with helicopters and some enoying sound then it
all begins. Really good.

Champagne Supernova (5)

One of my favourite songs. An amazing tune!
Great chorus, lyrics and instruments.
One of their biggest classics.

I bought this album after BHN and I was surprised that it was
as good as BHN, even better.
A wonderful record
I donīt think hardly any other band or artist can make
a record with no bad song at all!