Roll With It

Roll With It (5)

An magnificent chorus and a really fast rock song.
It makes you on a good mood!
This is a song that is so great live!
It has a great attitude!

Itīs Better People (4)

A regular Noel song with very basic lyrics.
The melody is not so good, but Noel lift it up with his vocals.
As a fan said;
"Itīs like a camp fire song."
It sounds actually just like that!

Rockinī Chair (5)

A top ballad, has some of Liams best vocals!
A really underestimated song, itīs the best acoustic ballad after Wonderwall!
Itīs also the only song Noel have co-written, C. Griffiths helped him.

Live Forever (5)

One of the best live versions of this song.
Liams voice are really clear.

A great single, but not the best one.
Rockinī Chair raise the grade to a fifth!