Shakermaker (4.5)

A very different Oasis song, hard to describe.
The lyrics are very strange but great.
"I'd like to build myself a house out of plasticine."!

DYer Wanna Be A Spaceman? (5)

One of Noels best acoutics according to me
The lyrics are good, it has a cathcy chorus and Noel sings well.
Everything that needs to be in a great song!

Alive (4)

This one is very similar to I will believe....but its not as good.
The "worst" song by Oasis.....but Liam sings it well!

Bring It On Down (5)

A live in the studio recording
Liam starting the song by saying;
"Good evening, Great Britain. Hello!".....

This must be one of the strangest things they have done!
Choosing Shakermaker as their second single!
They should have chosen Slide Away, not saying Shakermaker is bad
but it would have been better with Slide Away.