Some Might Say

Some Might Say (5)

A great song!
All instruments and Liam fit together really well.
And you canīt complain about the lyrics either...
The last song that Tony McCaroll made with Oasis

Talk Tonight (5)

Itīs definitely one of Noels best acoustics
Itīs a very beautiful love song...which Liam hates!
He thinks itīs just rubbish. Noel wrote it when they "split up" in the Us.

Acquiesce (5)

It must be one of few B-sides that actually is better than the A-side!
Liam sings the verses and Noel the chorus.
A tune which is catchy and has great lyrics
One of the best classics by Oasis

Headshrinker (4.5)

A very rocky song that has got some weird lyrics
Not one of the best, but not so bad either!

Itīs sweet music throughout the whole single!
And of course it was a number 1, their first actually, but
not their last!