Stand By Me

Stand By Me (5)

A great ballad with a great voice by Liam
Itīs a Wonderwall like song, with violins and stuff.

(Iīve) Got The Fever (5)

This is one of my favourites, could have been on BHN.
Great vocals and instruments!

My Sister Lover (5)

Awsome melody that shines Beatles!
The lyrics are very strange though!!!
Liam has great vocals on this one.

Going Nowhere (5)

Noel sings a good song with really great lyrics!
The hole song is like an old 70īs comedy serie intro,
like Happy hours or something!

Itīs a quite different single compared to other Oasis have released.
It got much Beatles influences, but nothing bad about that.
Itīs the best single after Cig&Alc!