Supersonic (5)

A REALLY good song!
Noel ones said that this song is his "I am the walrus".
The intro is awsome but live is it even better,
when Alan plays it your neckhair will raise!

Take Me Away (4.5)

The first Noel acoustic song. A quite ordinary song,
with quite ordinary lyrics, but quite ordinary catchy. :-)

I Will Believe (4)

A pop song with a soft feeling and a cathy chorus.
Many fans thinks this song is one of the least good ones Oasis
have done. I donīt think itīs so bad. If a group would come up with
a song like this they would become fameous, itīs definitely a hit!
But meassured to Oasis other songs itīs mediocre.

Columbia (4.5)

A different version than on the album, the guitars are better I think.
It ends with some indian singing......

A very good choice to put Supersonic as the first single!
It didnīt sell very much though....