Whatever (5)

A really wonderfull song!
Amazing, fantastic and marvelous!!!
Get it?  :-)

(Itīs Good) To Be Free (5)

A good song that is classic Oasis, Liam sings well and the instruments are good.
As usual! The ending is the only bad thing about this song...

Half The World Away (5)

One of Noels best acoustic songs with meaningfull lyrics
and itīs a nice song to listen to.

Slide Away (5)

A classic with beautiful lyrics and is just a brilliant ballad!
Liam sings awsome and puts a real depth into this song.

Yet another great single by the boys!
Oasis must be one of very few bands who dares to put a A-side as a B-side!!!
A very diverse single to Cigarettes & Alcohol, much more calm and soft than
the rockīnīroll diamond...