Wonderwall (5)

This is the song that made Oasis what they are today, at least over in
the US. We here in Europe understood directly how good they were. :-)
It starts with an acoustic guitar and then a cello and the drums kicks in.
The lyrics are amazing and the song is simply a masterpiece....

Round Are Way (4)

A very catchy and fun song to listen to!
Makes a great B-side but couldnīt fit in a album.

The Swamp Song (4)

A great rock instrumental tune!
A heavy song that they used to open their MG concerts with

The Masterplan (5)

Must have some of the best lyrics Noel have ever written!
I loved it the first time I heard it, and I still do!
Yet another masterpiece!

Two masterpieces in a single is fantastic!
Surely everyone should have this one.
Very strange that they removed The Masterplan from the US version!