Who feels love?

As most of you probably know by now, Noel Gallagher performed an acoustic
version of a new song during an interview with the radio channel Y100 on Friday.
He said itīs gonna be the second single off the album Standing....
I personally think it was really cool of him not to sing the song everyone expected;
Go Let It Out. Instead he choose a song called Who Feels Love?.
Itīs a ballad with really good and beuatiful lyrics. In my opinion, they are up
there with the Masterplan lyrics.
The song isnīt as direct as most of Oasis songs. But it grows into you really well.
After listening to it 2-3 times I fell in love with it and I definitely still am!
Well I will not write anymore, just hear for yourself!

Who feels love - Provided by The Oasis