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The mp3´s that are up at the moment;

(I had some more concerts up but it seems someone deleted them.
Either if it was the company that have the server or if it was some
unknown person that logged in. Which I bet my money on that it was.)

Wibling Rivalry (An hilarious interivew with Noel and Liam)
The Oasis first London gig (The files has ld at the end)
The Chicago 98 gig (Except two songs - CS and IGB)
* New The full G-mex concert 97
Four mp3´s from french tv and two from french radio
Plus; Where did it all go wrong from Japan and
You´ve got to hide your love away.

The adress is:
User name: Supernova
User password: Oasis
Shared folder password: Oasis

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Demos + other stuff

Bring It On Down
Fade Away
Live Forever
Let Forever Be (Noel with Chemical Brothers)
No Cause For Alarm (early Noel demo)
Rock´n´Roll Star
Setting Sun (Noel with Chemical Brothers)
She´s Electric (remix)
Some Might Say
Strange Thing (Never released properly)
Supersonic (acoustic)
You´ve Got To Hide Your Love Away (From Jap. single)
Goodbye Cold World (Noel on american radio)
Chipper S.O.B (Noel on the same american radio)
Wonderwall (remix)


London, 24/3 - 94, Uk (first London gig. Whole concert)
Whiskey A Go-Go, LA, Us, 24/9 - 94 (Whole concert)
Fairfax, VA, Us, 3/7 - 96 (Whole concert, in R.A)
Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC, Us, 8/10 - 97 (Whole concert)
Den Bosch, Holland, 27/11 - 97 (not Don´t Go Away)
G-Mex, Manchester, Uk, 13/12 - 97 (Whole concert)
Camden, N.J, Us, 8/1 - 1998 (Whole concert)
Toronto, Canada, 15/1 - 98 (not Talk Tonight and IGB (Man!!))
Chicago, Us, 17/1 - 98 (not IGB (Man!!) and Champagne Supernova)

Other live performences

Acquiesce (Noel on vocals)
Be Here Now (Noel on vocals)
Bring It On Down (live in the studio)
Cast No Shadow (Maine Road)
Champagne Supernova
Champagne Supernova (Mtv Music Awards)
Cigarettes & Alcohol (live in the studio)
Cigarettes & Alcohol (Maine Road)
Day Tripper (with Ocean Colour Scene)
Digsy´s Dinner
Digsy´s Dinner (live in the studio)
Don´t Go Away (the Tonight show)
Don´t Go Away (Saturday Night Live)
D´Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman?
D´You Know What I Mean? (acoustic)
D´You Know What I Mean? (french radio)
Fade Away (Warchild version)
Fade In- Out (acoustic)
Fade In- Out
The Girl In The Dirty Shirt (Noel on vocals)
Hello (Maine Road)
Help (Noel acoustic, a Beatles cover)
Helter Skelter (Noel on vocals)
It´s Good To Be Free
I Will Believe (live in the studio)
Listen Up (performed once with Liam)
Live Forever (Mtv Live)
Magic Pie (acoustic)
Married With Children
Morning Glory (the Tonight show with Bonehead on bass)
Morning Glory (a college gig in Usa)
Morning Glory (Maine Road)
My Big Mouth (Knebworth)
Rockin´Chair (performed ones)
Rock´n´Roll Star
Rock´n´Roll Star (live in the studio)
Roll With It
Round Are way (Noel on vocals)
Round Are Way/Up In the Sky (Maine Road)
Sad Song
Sad Song
Setting Sun (Italian radio, acoustic)
Shakermaker (Noel on vocals)
Slide Away
Some Might Say
Stand By Me
Stand By Me (Noel on vocals, acoustic)
Stay Young (Noel on vocals, acoustic)
Take Me Away
Talk Tonight
Talk Tonight (With Paul Weller on piano)
This Guy´s In Love With You (Noel acoustic, a Bacharach cover)
Underneath The Sky (Noel on vocals, acoustic)
Whatever (..."all the young blues"...)
Whatever (Mtv Live)
Whatever (Octupus´s Garden)
Wonderwall (Noel on vocals)

Mtv unplugged

Some Might Say
Live Forever
Listen Up
The Masterplan
Don´t Look Back In Anger
Talk Tonight
Morning Glory
Round Are Way
Cast No Shadow


Wibbling Rivalry (13.6 mb)
The Story and the Glory (35.4 mb)