Some minutes into Fade In- Out comes the scream that makes me wonder if I have
ever in my soon 30 year old life have heard such a song. The closenest in the swollen
arrangement gets me to ravished play the song from the beginning to hear it again.
Cracking. After literally listened to the record a thousand times over, I am
convinced that it can´t come out any better record this year. The question is when
it last time came a record that can compete with this one. This is absolutely the best
Oasis album to date and it is definitely one of the best I have heard in my life.
Realise the weight in these two statements and you realise how good this record is.
The solidarity, the pondus, the finger top feeling and the so really clean picture of
five people that knows that what they are recording are great music that will get
the world on it´s knees is so obvious that you get astounded. Everything fits.
The verses are little superb apitites- either if we are talking about the heaviest
rock song or more relaxed pieces- filled of finesses in the wait of the main course;
the magnificent choruses. They are so clean as a bell ringing that they should be
called Noel- clean when you are talking about these things. I love the heavy
arrangements with tons of everything; it´s so much stadium rock you can imagine.
And I love it to the limit.
Oasis are the best.
© Nöjesguiden September -97

Written by Örjan Hulthén, music journalist on Nöjesguiden (The guide to entertaiment)
Translated by the webmaster.