Oasis...the best band in the world...at least probably to all that reads this.
I "discovered" Oasis really late, when they released Be Here Now.
So you can call me a late bloomer.  :)
After the first album I bought with them I have never stopped listen to them.
First, because I love their music so much and two, because there arenīt
any band/artist at all that can come up with as great songs as Oasis.
Well now you probably thinks "what the hell, this I already know!"
But I just wanted to say it anyway.   :o)
So what makes Oasis so special, except their awsome songs?
Well it is the tunes. The melodies. The lyrics. The attitude.  And Liam.
So I must agree with the Jam;
The combination of Liams excellent voice and Noels exeptional songwriting talent is something that no band can compare with. And their perfect bandimage isn't something that they use just to get attention, that is the way they are, people just don't want realize that. But not the real fans, we love everything about Oasis, and I'm sure that they will continue their journey on the sea of fortune.