"Who could not like Oasis? I'm sorry. Anybody who doesn't like them, they are
officially a sucker."
M. Doughty, from Soul Coughing

"People kept on telling me I wasn't going to make it on my own,
but Noel's been really supportive. They're a top band."
Robbie Williams

"I know one thing's for sure. Oasis is the second best rock'n'roll band."
Billie Joe Armstrong, Green Day

"Oasis got their foot in the door and kicked it down"
John Power, Cast

"I take it as an amazing tribute that 30 years on, these kids are copying what we
were doing then."
Paul McCartney on Oasis similarity to the Beatles.

"Oasis have got the best singer, they're the biggest band in the world,
and they've sold more albums than anybody else, except us."
Lars Ulrich, Metallica

"Oasis are the best band since the Beatles."
D'arcy, Smashing Pumpkins, when they won Best rock group at Mtv music awards

"I liked it when he spit on stage, it was so non-punk that it was punk all over again."
Beck about Liam at the 1996 MTV Video music awards.

"If I was 15 today I would have wanted to be like Liam."
Damon Albarn in Blur

The list of groups who singlehandedly alter the course of rock history is a short
one, but Oasis have undeniably earned their place on it. As the 90s hurled
themselves into a dance frenzy, the Manchester band reminded audiences
worldwide of the massive power of guitar-led rock'n'roll. The band have had
innumerable hits since 1994, but it was 1995's anthemic 'Wonderwall' which
became Oasis's global calling card.
Wonderwall was chosen on the cd; The All Time Greatest Rocks Songs

Mixed mouths

"But it was love, right."
Patsy Kensit about herself and Liam

"Every single one of Bonehead's rhythm tracks were brilliant. Unbelievably tight
and solid to the point where you didn't worry about his stuff at all."
Owen Morris, producer

"In Liam's world, it's better to talk bullshit all day than be silent for one minute."
Select Magazine

Question: "Is it true that you guys think of yourselves as the Beatles of the '90s?"
"No, we are the Oasis of the '90s."
Noel and Liam

Liam: Me and our kid, we like, love each other by now.
Noel: I fuckin' hate him, he's a prick...
Liam: Oh we do, honest to God-
Noel: He's a prick-
Liam: And all this bullshit about fighting is all a load of lies
Noel: ...he's a twat-
Liam: Me an' him...
Noel: ...and he's a bald twat
Liam: Love each other! We do honestly.
Live at Earls Court 95

"But some bands give over eight hours for this,"
"We're not some band. And your paper didn't make us, mate. And you know what
about your Rolling Stone cover? Arsed mate, arsed."
Noel and Liam and Rolling Stone photographer after Oasis walked off after 1 hour

Liam: I need to be myself
Noel: I wanna be a Spaceman

"We didn't get on too well because he was always so moody. I'm very talkitive but
he'd lock himself away in his bedroom playing guitar.
You'd have to kick his door in to see him."
Paul Gallagher (older brother) about Noel